PiXL is a team of young and creative professionals who specialize in creating engaging, realistic visualizations. Each member of our team holds an architecture degree and shares a mutual passion for architecture. Our guiding principle is effective communication. We firmly believe that well managed collaboration with our clients achieves the best results and ensures the highest levels of customer satisfaction. During collaboration, you will meet with these interesting people. (in the picture left to right)

Hana Arletova Frantisek Novak Ivana Stiborova Michal Kasparek Jakub Vilem


When the distance is a limiting factor but face-to-face interaction is still required, we will communicate using our web cameras. In other cases, e-mail is still the most powerful tool. In order to begin the process of creating your visualization, we will request a blueprint and/or 3D model; we’re able to use any type of model you provide to us. As the project comes to life, we will discuss topics such as materials and viewpoints in greater detail.